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This page is currently being updated by REACH! the Asian/Pacific Islander Recruitment and Retention Center at UC Berkeley, Campus Organizing. We hope to update our readers with info from the community, whether that be from recapping our bi-weekly general meetings to sharing knowledge and information around social issues. If you want something to be covered, written about, or just give advice, we welcome suggestions in our ask box!

Also, we present information and views that would express the progressiveness of our community. Though we are proponents of free will and knowing all the facts, we must choose a stance in the context of REACH!. We do highly advise researching both sides of any argument before settling on a point of view to ensure that we are informed and educated individuals.

REACH! Mission Statement:
Committed to the service, empowerment, and mobilization of immigrant, refugee, and underserved Asian/Pacific Islanders by promoting higher education to empower ourselves and challenge the economic and social inequalities facing our communities.

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Be sure to mark your calendars for our REACH! Welcome Week as we kick off with our REACH! Social Mixer next Thursday, September 5!

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Come to REACH!’s Last General Meeting of the year: Retention in Higher Education! Reflect on your experience in a community space and get to know about the work that we do in REACH! See how the skills you have learned through community events can apply to post graduation work and your future career! Why is it important for you to have a community in Berkeley and what have you learned from it?


Donate to SASC Summer Institute 2013

Please donate to SASC SI here.

The Southeast Asian Student Coalition’s (SASC) mission is:

“To unite Southeast Asian Communities, particularly those bounded by the historical context of the Viet Nam War, and to address the economic inequalities, social injustices, and political under-representation  that they face.”

SI is an all-expense paid, five-day educational program hosted at UC Berkeley that connects high school students and community members nationwide. We bring 36 high school students from all over the country to address Southeast Asian underrepresentation in higher education and low recruitment and retention rates.

      20% of US population DO NOT have a high school diploma
      20% of Asian Americans DO NOT have a high school diploma

Compare this to

      38% of Vietnamese Americans, 50% of Laotian Americans,
      54% of Cambodian Americans, 60% of Hmong Americans

The US National Average for a Bachelors Degree:28.8%
US National Average for Asian Americans for a Bachelors Degree: 44%
While 7.5% of Hmong Americans and 9.4% of Laotian Americans have a Bachelor’s Degree. 

By connecting students to their culture and history, we aim to foster young leaders and empower students to create social change.

CalSERVE wins 3 of 4 partisan executive positions in ASUC election 2013

Guess what everyone, we’re back. Congrats to our very own REACH! co-director Sevly Snguon as he moves on to be our representative as the 2nd Cambodian Senator in all of ASUC history. Also, congrats to Deejay Pepito reppin from PASS for holding it down as she becomes the ASUC President for the 13-14 school year.

The Asian American Pacific Islander Health Research Group (AAPIHRG) will be hosting a presentation on the Affordable Care Act and the AAPI Community. The presentation will be given by Dr. Winston Wong, MD, MS who will speak on the effects of the ACA on our communities. Please join us for an exciting presentation! 

Time: Wednesday, April 24th, 7:00P

Location: 2070 Valley Life Science Building (VLSB), UC Berkeley

For more information on AAPIHRG, visit us at or like us at