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This page is currently being updated by REACH! the Asian/Pacific Islander Recruitment and Retention Center at UC Berkeley, Campus Organizing. We hope to update our readers with info from the community, whether that be from recapping our bi-weekly general meetings to sharing knowledge and information around social issues. If you want something to be covered, written about, or just give advice, we welcome suggestions in our ask box!

Also, we present information and views that would express the progressiveness of our community. Though we are proponents of free will and knowing all the facts, we must choose a stance in the context of REACH!. We do highly advise researching both sides of any argument before settling on a point of view to ensure that we are informed and educated individuals.

REACH! Mission Statement:
Committed to the service, empowerment, and mobilization of immigrant, refugee, and underserved Asian/Pacific Islanders by promoting higher education to empower ourselves and challenge the economic and social inequalities facing our communities.

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HEALTH JUSTICE MANIFESTO - {The Bigger Picture Project}

Food injustice is an issue that permeates the lives of people in underresourced communities everyday. Largely affecting people of color, food injustice is a lack of access to healthy food in schools and neighborhoods. In this PSA by Youth Speaks inc, and The University of California, San Francisco’s Center for Vulnerable Populations, these young adults explore the topic of diabetes, food justice and health justice (We see you Jade, get it!).

"We want an end of type 2 diabetes in young people…this disease overwhelmingly devastates poor people of color."

"1/3 Latino children, 1/2 Black children who are born in 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime"

"Today a bunch of broccoli costs more than a full meal at a fast food restaurant"

"There are no grocery stores in poor neighborhoods but liquor stores and fast food chains on every block”

"In 50 years 1 in 3 people in the U.S. will have diabetes." 

So what exactly IS disodium glutomate? Let’s raise the awareness everyone.

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